About Us

We have been serving patients in West Seattle for over 20 years. Each patient receives a complete, thorough evaluation of their complaints and an assessment of causative factors. Our treatment goal is to work at the constitutional level, finding and treating the source of the problem, rather then at a symptomatic level. Naturally, when treating at a deeper constitutional level symptoms improve as well. Our ultimate goal is to balance your constitution to optimize your body’s natural system of wellness.

Your constitution is the body’s inherent ability to self regulate physiological activities, and adapt to all types of stresses. We believe that this is the key to a truly effective system that can restore and maintain the body’s health. Energetic blocks lead to lack of well being and reduce your systems functional capacity.



Jim Dowling, RN, LAc

Jim Dowling is a seasoned practitioner and is one of the first acupuncturists to be certified in the state of Washington. He opened Westside Acupuncture & Herbs in 1993, and has been living in and serving the West Seattle community for 22 years.

As part of his extensive training, Jim apprenticed with 3 of the top Chinese Herbalists in the US. He trained in many osteopathic manual therapeutic techniques, which complement his acupuncture treatments. Jim is also a licensed nurse and brings an understanding of western medicine to his practice for a truly holistic approach.

Jim is passionate about teaching the principles of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. He has been an Associate Professor at Bastyr University for 15 years. He continues to give his students a strong foundation through classroom instruction and opportunities for hands on observation through his own practice.

Jim is an avid fly fisherman and outdoorsman and takes any opportunity to enjoy his cabin in the beautiful Methow Valley with his wife Pamela and his black lab Ruby.


Carey Pennington, LAc

Carey Pennington, is a caring practitioner with a degree from Bastyr University’s Master of Acupuncture program. He has worked and trained with Jim Dowling at Westside Acupuncture for 6 years. Carey was also educated in massage therapy and uses manual manipulation in combination with his acupuncture treatment.

Carey finds deep satisfaction in treating his patients. His goal for each patient is to help them reach a state of wellbeing that is free of pain, and stress. By identifying symptoms both surface and at a deeper constitutional level, he works with his patients to regain and maintain the feeling of total wellness.

As a voracious reader and a lifelong student, you can usually find Carey in his off hours pursuing new interests. Whether it is a historical profile or the latest science, being developed through the space program, Carey is always seeking to learn more about life and the world we live in.